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It is no secret to anyone that the sexual life of a couple changes over time, many factors influence, so that sex and complicity are gradually lost. That is why both of you must find ways to keep the sexual spark alive.  You must constantly enliven the love in intimacy.

One of the main advantages of living as a couple is that you can have free sex whenever you want.  It may sound a bit strong, but when we have a partner, it is not only about love, trust, or communication. It is also about power feel comfortable enough to enjoy our sexual desires without taboo fully.

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Tips to have more and better sex as a couple

One of the main problems in the intimacy of a relationship is thinking that we must stay traditional and put aside our desires and fantasies for fear of rejection, this is the first mistake that slowly kills the sexual life of the couple.

To avoid these problems, it is best to keep an open mind.  Feel free to express our deepest desires and let our partners feel comfortable expressing theirs as well. Therefore, another determining aspect in the sexual life of the couple is the fact of being willing to:

  • experience new experiences
  • live different things
  • constantly take risks

Some tips that you can put into practice to make your experiences more exciting are:

Promote pleasure

Many times when falling into the monotony of the daily routine, the desire and desire to make love disappears.  We fall into the error of thinking that without wanting sex will not be good. Some ways to stimulate each other and provide pleasure for both of you could include:

  • sex toys
  • watching porn videos
  • role-play
  • or put into practice any idea that either of you comes up with

Get creative and try new things

A key element to raise the temperature of their bodies and improve their sexual encounters is creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to propose new experiences, it is undoubtedly a very exciting way to rediscover your sexuality. One idea might be to have long-distance sex games, cam sex, sending each other hot videos or voice notes is a great way to stimulate each other to be more than ready for the moment when you are together.

Forget about expectations

Be spontaneous, forget what is expected, and surrender to the moment. Many times generating expectations or re-creating their meeting previously in the mind could prevent full enjoyment of the moment. Being with your partner is something that should happen naturally, it is not about an exam or a duty that you must fulfill, but about being able to be together, enjoy each other, give yourself pleasure and be completely satisfied.

Love should always be part of intimacy



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