Browns player ejected after he shoves Kansas City coach in the throat

The Browns’ Ronnie Harrison Jr. shoved a Chief’s assistant coach AFTER the coach shoved him.Screenshot: NFL RedZone

Cleveland Browns safety Ronnie Harrison Jr was ejected from the game against Kansas City in the first quarter after shoving a Chiefs assistant coach on the sideline.

After a play on the sideline where players got a little tangled up, a Kansas City assistant coach shoved Harrison to try to get him off of his players. Harrison took exception to the push and shoved the assistant back. We also learned the kid who hits first NEVER gets caught. It’s the kid who hits BACK that winds up in the time-out chair.

Harrison was ultimately ejected from the game, and cooler heads prevailed after the Browns were assessed a penalty for the action. The incident sparked some conversation on social media with many people taking Harrison’s side because he was pushed first.

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The fact of the matter is that no coach should be putting their hands on a player. Nothing good happens when people put their hands on each other. The coach and the player should both be thrown out of the game for their actions. And, like we all learned in kindergarten, keep your hands to yourself.

In other news, the Browns are currently showing that they are nothing to play with. Everyone knew that this was one of the most talented rosters in the league, but to see what they are doing to a Super Bowl favorite like the Chiefs in the first half is truly something. The Browns have dominated this game so far with a stellar running game and efficient passing from Baker Mayfield.

The Browns will be a threat for the AFC title this season in the playoffs. They have a solid quarterback, a good defense with playmakers, and guys who are explosive on offense. As long as they don’t keep shoving coaches on the opposing sidelines, this team will be really good this season.


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